The open string membrane paradigm with external electromagnetic fields


K.Y.Kim, J.P.Shock, J.Tarrio


23 Mar 2011


We study the effective geometry felt by the fluctuations of open strings living on the worldvolume of probe D-branes in the presence of background electromagnetic fields. This is captured by an effective action consisting of a Maxwell term and a topological term, with the role of the metric played by the open string metric. Studying generalized Eddington-Finkelstein coordinates for stationary but non-static manifolds, we consider an open string membrane paradigm to obtain a generic formula for the DC transport coefficients, including the effect of external electromagnetic fields present on the worldvolume of the probe branes. We show that the previously studied singular shell, present when a critical electric field strength is turned on, behaves as a horizon for the open string degrees of freedom. The results of this analysis can be used to define a membrane paradigm for a very general class of spacetimes with non-diagonal metrics.