AI 4 Health in Production - Africa


I explore the challenges facing production AI for health systems in an African context. Progressively I step through the layers of complexity, one can expect to encounter, providing personal insight for addressing some challenges I have found to be most prominent. Furthermore, I offer a grassroots community approach toward making work in this complex space more accessible, toward increasing the number of active minds trying to solve these and other challenges in resource scarce contexts.


Chris Fourie I am a medical doctor turned health data scientist, trying to use the powers of AI for social good.

I currently work full-time as a research and machine learning engineer for analysis of continuous monitoring health data at LifeQ. Part-time I provide consulting services for digital health, artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) and software engineering. I co-founded SisonkeBiotik, a grassroots participatory research community making AI/ML for health research in Africa more accessible. I also co-founded Grassroots-Parti, a collective of communities with a focus on helping incubate and provide mutual support for grassroots participatory communities in Africa.


26 April 2023