Jean du Plessis

Born and raised in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Jean du Plessis pursued his undergraduate studies at Stellenbosch University, majoring in theoretical physics and abstract math. During his undergraduate years, Jean delved into Quantum Field Theory, developed a new concept of network curvature, and worked on generalizing the concepts of topological and graph-theoretic connectedness.

As a Master’s student at the University of Cape Town’s Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Jean now focuses on finite system size effects in scalar quantum field theories. His dedication to research has resulted in a co-authored paper published during his undergraduate degree, which laid the groundwork for his current research.

Jean’s main research interest lies in high-energy nuclear physics, where he is eager to expand his knowledge and expertise. As he looks toward the future, Jean aims for a fulfilling career in academia, contributing to the fields of physics and mathematics with a balanced blend of curiosity and determination.