Rayhaan Perin

My name is Rayhaan Perin and I’m currently doing my MsC at UCT in applied nuclear physics focussing on Time-Of-Flight(TOF) PEPT. I am currently involved in the creation of a Monte-Carlo
algorithm that describes a PET detector that will incorporate TOF into the PEPT measurements as well as the creation of an algorithm to analyse the output data.

The reason for my particular interest in nuclear physics is due to my strange obsession with with natural world from a young age. After completing my BsC and Hons degree at the University of
Cape Town I found the experience quite enjoyable. This lead to me choosing a path in applied nuclear physics.
Outside of physics I have a particular interest in philosophy particularly the writings of Nietchzhe,
Marcus Aurelius and Descartes to name a few. I also enjoy hiking with friends and family.

Co-supervised by Dr Katie Cole